We take pride in having an elegant atmosphere here at Classic Venue.
Convenience and Luxury are our brand values.
Come and enjoy a higher class dinning experience and leave all the parking hassles to us. As you set your foot off your cars at the portico, our Valet attendants receive your vehicle, and return to you upon your request.


Your special event deserves floral creations as unique as they are. Our floral experts can provide memorable floral arrangements and decor, building an overall sense of beauty and elegance. Whether you are looking for flowers for corporate events or ceterpieces for one of life’s milestone celebrations, our experts will custom-design fresh flower arrangements to enhance the atmosphere of your special day


Mandap ceremony is one of the most beautiful and sacred moments of two souls. Let our experts share with you mesmerizing decoration ideas so that you get the perfect setup for your most special moments of your lifetime.

stage decoration

Incorporating a fancy and an exquisite reception stage setup certainly makes your event stand out. For your special event, don’t settle for the ordinary. From minimal stage design ideas to the enormously grand ones exuding opulence, our expert stage decorators have a vast spectrum of wedding stage decoration ideas to offer.

Bridal makeup

Among the many things that the bride and the groom should think of when planning a wedding is bridal makeup. The need for proper makeup is critical for the success of any wedding. Therefore, a lot of time and resources should be allocated to wedding makeup to ensure that everything is flawless. It is always advisable to hire professional wedding hair and makeup services as the experts have the skills and experience to offer quality services to ensure that the bride and the groom wear the best looks.

At classic, it is all about enjoying your big day. Let our expert service providers take care of all the details


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